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If your mailbox gets destroyed in the Winter months, let Durable Mailbox get you back to normal!

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A Note from Dean Backsrom, Owner

Photo of the owner of Durable Sealcoat, Dean Backstrom

I started installing mailboxes and sealing driveways in 1983 at the age of 16 as a way to put myself through college. With the support of family and friends (and a lot of hard work) I continued to work through college and graduated from the University of Connecticut in 1990 with a business degree.

Much to the surprise of many, even myself I made the decision to stay in the mailbox installation and repair industry instead of searching for a new job in the business world. It’s been an amazing 30 years and I still love and take pride in my profession. My employees are like family and my customers… friends.

I look forward to hearing from you… 203-697-0880.  Thank you.


Durable Sealcoat has been sealing driveways and installing mailboxes for over 30 years.
30 Years in Business

You see our signs everywhere and we let our work speak for itself. We are clean, responsible and efficient on every job.

Our Work Speaks for Itself!

At Durable Sealcoat we want you to be so pleased with our service that you’ll want to tell all of your friends and family members about us. I am a family man myself and I am dedicated to providing you the best quality you and your family deserve!

    Our Competitive Edge

    We combine the highest quality workmanship at reasonable prices. We are not a large commercial discount outfit that does residential work on the side as “filler work.”

    Because Durable Mailbox has remained a small, but successful business we can better control the quality and service that Durable Mailbox offers it’s clients; allowing us to guarantee the very best in the mailbox and replacement industry.

    We show up when promised, stand by our work, and never require a deposit!

    Ordering is Simple!

    Ordering is simple, just contact us with your mailbox and post selection and we will install your new within 5 days or less! If no one is home at the time we will leave a bill in the new mailbox and you can mail a us a check. We never require a deposit.

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